Rim Exchange
As part of ongoing quality checks it has been ascertained that caravan/trailer steel
rims of certain production batches may show partial lacks of quality and have to be
exchanged. There is a risk that the affected rims may tear.

At the worst this may cause disintegration or combustion of the tyres even on the
way (or: while driving).

Every owner of a caravan/trailer who has got his new vehicle after November 2005
might be able to check himself whether such defective rims are mounted.

First of all the rim type has to be verified. Please choose the Safety Brief according
to your rim type.

Önly 14- or 15- inch diameters are affected, no others!

Safety Brief for 15 inch R1.15.023 [pdf, 395KB]
Safety Brief for 14 inch R1.14.019, R1.14.020, R1.14.058
[pdf, 277 KB]
Örder Form for rim exchange [pdf, 74 KB]
Postcard Reply [pdf, 48 KB]
Documentation Sheet [pdf, 50 KB]

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